Marathon Spoiler Guide

Tempus Infinity - Solo Levels

31 KMG-365

Tips and Secrets

No secrets, just an outer space recovery room.

Map Making Notes

Courtney's idea to give the aliens more time to construct Mt. Vesuvius' inner workings ended up being a blessing in disguise (as much as I feared any *more* time spent map making - which means much more time spent testing - possibly delaying Tempus Irae's release. I was Hellbent trying to actually release the scenario *before* the posted release date). My favorite part about this level doesn't involve polygons or textures - but the chapter screen "Hostile". To further delay the action, James and I once again joined forces to create the image. The sounds associated with image are most unusual: bubbling water, a dry cleaners press, and fried eggs.

(Level name taken from the television show Emergency Squad 51 - I recall them calling this out after getting the call for the big 3 alarm blaze)
Last Modified: Thursday, June 10, 2005