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Tempus Infinity - Solo Levels

15 Gauntlet

Tips and Secrets

Designed to show the creation of Leonardo's system of locks.

At the start of the level, the player passes a draw-bridge structure - this houses the exit teleporter. Forced to run the Gauntlet, the player must then jump into the water when they reach the dead end - this leads to the underwater tunnel and the second half of the Gauntlet walkway. At the end of the trail is a door, a switch, and an ammo stash. Across from the switch - in the water - is a small plot of grass. Jumping on this opens a hidden platform in the underwater tunnel, which allows the player to skip the lock system, and next outdoor areas - entirely

Either way, the player ends up back inside the buildings that overlook the Gauntlet walkway. The room with the enforcer and a fighter, also contains a couple doors, an upper walkway, a staircase, and another secret switch which activates the hidden platform in the tunnel (it functions the same as jumping on the plot of grass in the water). The switch is located in the shadow of the pillar on North wall.

The manuscript is hidden inside the observatory, just down the hall from the terminal, and the timed switch-activated door. Also hidden inside the observatory is a flame thrower, and a 3x's powerup - they can be found in Northern most (or first) observation opening. Starting from the opening behind the manuscript, ledge walk counter-clock-wise to the first opening - step inside.

Stepping inside the observatory opens a door just outside the entrance - activating this switch opens the door which conceals teleporter #1.

What appears to be an exit teleporter, puts you back inside the overlooking buildings - facing the draw-bridge. You must follow the path until you come across an underwater cavern. This leads to the lookout above the second half of the Gauntlet walkway. The player must jump down, kill the intruders, and activate the "L" switch (found at the end of the hallway, and up a couple of stairs) - this opens the window blocking access to the Gauntlet path, and also opens the draw-bridge for exiting the level.

Map Making Notes

The water level is intentionally low, to discourage the player from hopping from land to sea at will. Without perfectly timing the tide - it will not only exhaust oxygen levels, but make you a fun target for the critters in the overlooks.

(Level name changed so many times, that this choice was obvious)
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