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Tempus Infinity - Solo Levels

23 Never Satisfied

Tips and Secrets

The urge to make a series of ridiculous puzzles was overwhelming.

An obstacle course of sorts, the player must scale the rock formation to climb over the brick wall. Once inside the building, the player must hop across the obstacles in the bedroom to get on top of the beds - this allows entry to the second outdoor area. There is one bed downstairs, and one upstairs.

The second courtyard contains a stairwell back to the buildings entrance, some aliens in some upper (inaccessible) rooms, and a sewage pool area. The pool area is the main hub of the remaining puzzles.

Puzzle #1 - Switch Bitch: Much easier than it may first appear - the switches must be hit in a certain order to allow escape. The switch order is deciphered by either counting the scenic objects in front of the switches (switch #1 = 1 lantern, switch #2 = 2 bottles, etc.) or by simply looking in map view (the numbers are visible in front of the proper switch). They are timed, so you only have a few seconds to aim and fire - but once the order is known, it's simple.

Once teleported back to the sewage pool - you can enter the second room which leads to puzzle #2 (you may also notice a newly exposed switch on the hub - there are 4 of these switches, each exposed upon completion of a puzzle - hitting all 4 opens the exit teleporter).

(Ask the beta testers about the puzzle name - everyone hated it)

Puzzle #2 - And They're Off!: The player is asked to run a certain path - in a certain amount of time. After exiting the elevator, turn right, go to the end of the hall, turn left, and take the center path.

(I hear the bells and whistles of the Kentucky Derby when I get to this puzzle)

Puzzle #3 - Climb To The Highest Mountain: A series of switch activated platforms, that progressively elevate the player to the exit teleporter. The proper switch to hit is always the one most perpendicular to the player (not those viewed from odd angles), and is usually the one closest to the central pillar - directly in front of the player. Walking in between the 2 platforms that are closest to one another triggers a hidden door, and lets loose a barrage of demons - kill them. Enjoy the fine ammo stash supplied (needed to activate all those switches).

(I'd rather someone tell me where I got this puzzle's would really surprise me)

Puzzle #4 - What's In A Name?: Before leaving this maze-like puzzle, be sure to look in map view at the path just traveled - it spells out "Leonardo da Vinci". There's also a 2x's powerup "floating" in the sewage - between the "D" and the "O". Once again you arrive in front of the sewage pool, the fourth and final switch on the hub is revealed. Activating this switch opens the exit teleporter - located in the upstairs bedroom, back at the beginning of the level.

(Puzzle name robbed from prehistoric TV show)

Map Making Notes

The level that almost wasn't. Creating puzzles for Tempus Irae, and maintaining an ancient Italian story line introduces some unique problems. Explaining platforms and teleporters was hard enough - but who would've built such a structure? Only me. It's so un-Italian we voted that Never Satisfied had no place in the scenario...but it was taking so long to get the final levels done, I decided to go back and try to spruce it up. It worked ; ) I tricked Nardo into believing it was a perfectly acceptable secret level - providing it was really hidden, and it is.

Try this sucker on TC.

(Level name taken from a Judas Priest song - inspired by the work ethic of Nardo)
Last Modified: Thursday, June 10, 2005