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Tempus Infinity - Solo Levels

22 Theater of Pain

Tips and Secrets

Contains several of the most popular forms of expression during Leonardo's time.

The player starts in a gladiator pit, marches across the grass to activate a switch (located in the small room at the end of the grassy path), which starts the platform required to gain access to the sewage pool - which teleports you up to the top, so you can access the window ledge walkway. The hidden window platform is opened either by tabbing (can be opened from ground level, too), or by leaping to the raised grassy area - occupied by the enforcer (the grassy area is also accessible by leaping onto the hedge near the wooden platform). Down the spiral staircase, through the door is the first save terminal. Also in this room are two doors - one of which seemingly goes nowhere. On each side of the door (with the fancy framing details) is a hidden platform/switch combination which opens the door to reveal the rest of the level.

Outside is the main courtyard - there are 5 doors: one in the middle (at the end of the sidewalk), and two on each side. The switch at the end of the sidewalk opens the first of the four outside rooms. Room #1 has a circular series of platforms, and 3 connected rooms. The room on the right holds an enforcer, the room on the left a hunter. The room in between them has a secret ammo stash and a power supply inside - getting there can be done by sidestepping down from the enforcers perch, or by grenade hopping.

Going down the hallway where the hunter was - reveals a save term, an ammo stash, a 1x powerup, and the back of the door in the center of the courtyard. Opening this door also opens room #2 - which is diagonal from room #1

By entering this hallway, you close the door behind you - there is no choice but to proceed. Inside the small pool is some ammo. You travel across the stage, enter the backstage area to reload munitions, go upstairs to view an inaccessible outdoor area (occupied by a jugg), and down yet another staircase which leads back to the door in the center of the courtyard. Exiting this door, and activating the nearby switch opens room #3 (directly across from room #2).

Best to grab all the ammo you can - crossing the double door threshold unleashes a swarm of aliens - including 2 Mother Of All Hunters. Inside the 2 small rooms the aliens came out of are 2 switches - these must be activated to raise the stairs to allow entry to the rest of the level. It is not necessary to grenade hop to get over the alter and into the passage way - all you need to do is sidestep while running and you fly right in. The door at the end of this tunnel is 1 way - be sure to collect as much ammo and power as possible before continuing. The next room the player approaches has the key required to exit the level - but exiting the way you came is impossible. The courtyard outside this room contains a jugg, a locked door, and a switch. Activating the switch opens the door which leads to another jugg, another locked door, and the Great Pillar. To open the door, activate the hidden switch located on the flickering face of the Great Pillar. This opens the door to allow the player back to the start of the level - inserting the key at the door atop the stairs opens the exit teleporter.

*Jumping onto the Great Pillar opens the fourth door in the courtyard. Inside room #4 is an ammo stash - and a hidden teleporter to the level Never Satisfied. You can notice the ceiling texture in front of the hidden teleporter is "moving".

Map Making Notes

To ensure the end of the level was as painful as the beginning, the enforcers and hunters in the alcoves at the start - multiply. After walking down the final hallway, a platform in each alcove (the back wall) is opened releasing another set of hunters and enforcers in each room. By doing this, the player cannot get to the final teleporter (or insert the key) without being fired upon.

(Levels name spelling dedicated to JHT (and other Canadians), and has nothing to do with Motley Crue - each theatre depicted was supposed to be somewhat painful)
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