Marathon Spoiler Guide

Tempus Infinity - Solo Levels

10 Sordidae, Turpes Et Faetidae

Tips and Secrets

There are several switches which must be activated before the manuscript is revealed. Including the entrance, there are 6 accessible courtyards... those occupied by juggs are inaccessible.

In the entrance is a generous ammo supply - you then can go either left or right - the 2 courtyards on the right (North and South) are occupied by cyborgs and fighters. The first switch (and most often missed) is in the second courtyard on the right (North). The back wall of this courtyard is a camouflaged staircase - which leads to the first switch, a 1x powerup, and a small ammo stash. Activating this switch opens the door near the first save term (in the hallway which connects the left and right courtyards). The switch in this newly opened room is the second of those needed to be activated to reveal the hidden manuscript.

The courtyard on the left leads to the buildings entrance. Inside is a room containing the lone (non-secret) terminal, and 2 stairways. Across from this room are two small rooms - previously occupied by troopers. Inside each is a small surprise.

You must go downstairs to gain entry to the top section - there are 2 crank switches over the sewage which open the 2 platforms blocking the hallway. You'll see 2 switches in front of the bench - 1 opens the door to the upstairs, the other needs to be activated to reveal the hidden manuscript. Ammo can be found in the sewage passages (which are the scenarios only sections of 5D space).

Upstairs is the location of the fourth switch needed to gain access to the manuscript, and the manuscript itself - the switch is located across from the inaccessible courtyard (where the juggs hang out). Once the manuscript is retrieved (atop the carpeted staircase), it opens a door leading to a save buffer, and an ammo stash in the previous room (the pillared room closest to the upstairs entrance). Follow the carpeted stairs down to the left, and enter the room previously blocked off. Remember this location.

If you haven't already killed the aliens in these overlooks - do so now.

Proceed down the hallways to the last outdoor courtyard - the switch located beside the locked door merely explodes a jugg for effect. The door can only be opened from the other side, and is primarily to be used if heading towards the secret exit. Jump down into the swarm and enter the building. Approaching the save term activates the door at the end of the hallway. Inside there are 2 alcoves - one contains a hunter, the other an enforcer. Stepping on the rock block activates the platform that lowers the statue. The switch in this room opens the final door to the secret exit. The teleporter has 2 is to teleport you to the next level, the other is to gain entry back inside the earlier part of the level - providing the player opens the back of it (like a door - notice how it flickers when viewed from a distance). This leads the player to another ammo stash, a set of stairs - and eventually to the secret terminal where the player first entered the overlook areas. The door thought to be locked exposes an invincibility, and the entrance to Beyond The Black.

Map Making Notes

(Level name and design inspired by this passage from the book:

"Battlemented, foursquare, close-packed, vying with one another in their enormous height, these impregnable towers formed a chaotic and threatening skyline - reflecting the political struggles that led to bloodshed in the streets." "The narrow and twisting streets of the old town center, previously described as sordidae, turpes et faetidae and much ravished by the Black Death, had been widened and straightened wherever possible. Roads through the newly built districts were designed according to the prevailing criteria of sanitation, convenience, and beauty.")
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