Marathon Spoiler Guide

Tempus Infinity - Solo Levels

17 Ameseno Italy

Tips and Secrets

In the N-East corner of the level there is a switch on the pillar in the garden. After breaking that, go to the water room in the N-West corner. There is a switch on the waterfall pillar which raises the water to let you swim out of the room. There is another switch on the second structure in this water area which will open the door on the tall wooden water tower. A 2x recharge is also on top of that structure. Tabbing the waterfall on the far Eastern wall, opens it - revealing a hidden passage way. Inside is a switch - which activates the nearby teleporter. This will take you into a small room near the start of the level, your reward is a 3x's powerup. From here, you teleport back to the room you started the level in...placing you very close to the next switch to be activated.

The tall wooden water tower located in the S-East corner of the map should now be open. When you go down the tunnel underneath the water tower there is a switch which will open the passage that leads to the manuscript. This passage is located on the first step on the staircase in the building with the painting on the wall, found in the N-east corner right below the garden. After going down and getting the manuscript, take one of the 2 elevators up to the main tower and teleport out.

Map Making Notes

(Level based on existing structures found while vacationing in Italy)
Last Modified: Thursday, June 10, 2005