Marathon Spoiler Guide

Tempus Infinity - Solo Levels

21 Rock the Boat

Tips and Secrets

Go up the stairs to the upper floor of the boat and hit the switch in the back room. The door that leads into the boat should now be open. Go down a couple rooms until you find a switch right next to a window showing a door in the back. Hitting that switch opens the door out the window. Go down a small hallway where there will be a room with 2 doors, one door is a Key-activated door - the other requires going down a staircase where you'll find a switch to open it. Go through this door, down a curvy staircase which leads to a lounge room with a small pool in the center.

Go up the elevator where there will be a room with a key. After getting the key, go back to the key activated door which leads to the tip of the boat. The other door in that room leads to a long hallway in which there will be a room on the left with a switch that opens the teleporting room. Going further down the hallway there will be a room with a switch. There is a staircase here which leads to another room with 2 switches (and also a secret in the corner - to the right as soon as you walk in. The secret room has two secret panels which have useful items). After hitting all three of these last switches the boat sinks.

Go back to the room with the teleporter, and you're done.
Last Modified: Thursday, June 10, 2005