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Tempus Infinity - Solo Levels

14 Towel Boy

Tips and Secrets

Towel Boy is a level full of aqua-ducts flowing through the city and underground caverns feeding various baths and pools for both the elite and holy. The object is to get through the bath houses to the outside aqua-ducts and find the portal out.

Begin the map in a somewhat gaudy pool room with a waterfall at the far end. After reading the diary entry, walk through the waterfall to enter the underground water tributaries.

The first room after leaving the water is a private bathing room. The adjacent room has a view to the outdoors but don?t waste time trying to get out there because there is no exit to that area.

Continue weaving around the bathing areas until you get to a large plaster and timber room with a statue of Moses on a podium in the middle of the pool. To exit the pool there are stairs at the far right. After laying waste to the baddies it?s time to find the first secret in the map. Leap onto the pedestal with the statue and you will find yourself being lifted up into the ceiling where you will find a 2x powerup.

Now head through the courtyard and remaining rooms. At the top of the stairs, time your jump through the moving door to avoid damage to your health. To open the water gate in the bath house that you have visited earlier, hit switch and head down stairs.

At the large tank of water there is a switch that controls a door to the upper left. This doesn?t actually do anything important so ignore it. The switch you want to hit is on the wall to the far right which will open a gate (note it only stays open for a few seconds).

Once you are outdoors it?s a good time to save. These are the aqueducts or viaducts that feed the city. The battle strategies change dramatically from close range combat to long range grenade lobbing carnage.

The first switch found will raise the first bridge right behind you. The bridge only stays up temporally, so scamper across without delay. At this point you have a choice to either go right or left which will give you a chance at the level?s second secret. Going right will progress you through the level normally.

The secret payoff is a 3x powerup. The 3x powerup is located on the tower across the duct. A missile hop is needed and is rather easy if you are used to doing that maneuver.

Now weave your way through the tall walls (watch your back) until you reach a large body of water. On the far side is a switch which will raise a bridge (this bridge stays up after activating).

After crossing the bridge hit the switch on the left wall and wait for the water to drain out of the sectioned off part of the aqueduct. In the mean time you may have a visitor and the best way to handle the battle is to cross back over the bridge and use the corner of the builder for shelter. Once the water is drained a door will open allowing you to enter the building and climb the set of stairs that will take you to the telporter out.
Last Modified: Thursday, June 10, 2005