Tempus Irae

This page will be the home of third-party maps for Tempus Irae. You can now download The Nardo Mapmaking Tools and Guide right here. This is an updated version that contains a better patch that should apply to any version of Forge, as well as the Nardo Forge Guide to help you get started on your own levels.

Tempus Irae Map Making Contest
The Tempus Irae Map Making Contest results are in! You can read about and download the winning maps from our Contest page.

Download Borzz's brand new Tempus Irae Netmap Stonehenge now. [Updated on March 25, 1998] Enjoy!

No Parole From Rock 'N Roll is a collection of 10 Tempus Irae netmaps, now available for your enjoyment.

The Bastards [160k], created by James Hastings-Trew, is a very very large Tempus Irae net maps that extremely fun to play.

Three collections of Tempus Irae netmaps by Richard Dierkes await you:
Cherished Illusions [86k], Folie á Deux [61k], and To Squirm And Stiffen... [128k]. Ten maps total of all your favorite net carnage.

Obituary [32k] is a netmap created by "ToRt Go" (Daniel Charest), with aliens and lots of ammo.

Psychodelia Maps [558k] is a collection of 13 net maps, with lots of aliens and good design features.

Sand Pebbles [76k] is a single TI netmap well populated by aliens and ammo, created by Perry Noid.

Serotonin Uptake Inhibitors [567k] is a new set of 20 net levels for Tempus Irae created by Richard Dierkes finely tuned and tested for an exciting netplay experience.

Mare Ceti [2.1M] is a solo adventure in the Tempus Irae universe, created by Randy Lines.

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Tempus Irae is copyright 1997-2005, Nardo