Tempus Irae

Nardo presents Tempus Irae, a new scenario in the Marathon universe built upon the Marathon Infinity engine.

This scenario has been in production for almost a full year, and represents the labor of nine talented and dedicated artists, mapmakers, writers, programmers, and vidbois. We, Nardo, hope that you enjoy playing Tempus Irae as much as we did making it.

Tempus Irae combines over twenty-two thousand polygons of solo maps with literally hundreds of new textures. New sounds, scenery items, and shapes are combined with gorgeous terminal pictures and chapter screens, as well as a first-rate script. (With so many new textures in Tempus Irae, you may want to check the system requirements, under the news section.)

Tempus Irae is now available. Please proceed to the download page.

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Marathon and all related products Copyright 1995, 1996, 1997, Bungie Corporation
Tempus Irae is copyright 1997-2005, Nardo