Tempus Irae

Tempus Irae Map Making Contest Results

The results are in! Here now are the winners of the Tempus Irae Map Making Contest! We'd like to thank everyone for their entries and hard work!

First Place

Codex Atlanticus - Daniel Thomas, aka "Gloops" - Download
[screenshot] A beautiful 3 level solo adventure, expertly crafted. Designed in true Nardo fashion, Codex Atlanticus was the hands down favorite amongst the judges. It's fine use of creative lighting, eye-candy, and original terminal art warmed our hearts. Very nice work - and CONGRATULATIONS, FIRST PRIZE!!

Second Place

The Mute - Alan Greene - Download
[screenshot] Another meticulously crafted Map, The Mute is a Net Map with some very intersting use of 5-D space. Set up for virtually all styles of gameplay (except solo - there are no aliens) including EMFH, KMB, KotH, and Multiplayer Co-op. CONGRATULATIONS on your award winning Map!

Honorable Mentions

Imperium - "Dispatcher" - Download
[screenshot] Several nice tricks employed in this 2 level solo excursion, including a beautiful 3-stage elevator. A lot of effort went into this one, including original term art, an engrossing story, and a prelude of things to come?!

A Night In Venice - Adam Kuba Adamczyk - Download
[screenshot] This beautifully spacious indoor/outdoor Net Map (ready for EMFH, KMB, and KotH) even has rooms for rent! This level will easily support 8 players - while remaining fun for much smaller groups.

Work It - "Gumdrop" - Download
[screenshot] Fantastic use of space in a relatively small area. Work It is a Net Map designed mainly for Tag - but also allows EMFH, and KotH. Really nice use of textures and sounds! Very thoughtfully designed.

The Stadium - Scott Noblitt - Download
[screenshot] Wonderful use of textures and lighting in this action packed Net Map. The Stadium's darkened outer ring will surely keep the combatants moving - either onto the ledge of death, or the central pillar of catastrophe! Designed for EMFH, and KotH.

Deep Blue - "Maze" - Download
[screenshot] A very unique Net Map (playable as Solo, Tag, EMFH, and KotH) pits the Players in a circular arena - surrounded by an outer upper ledge. What makes Deep Blue so unusual, is that the level is entirely flooded with water every minute or so. Fortunately, there's more than enough Fletchette ammo to go around!

Again, thanks to all that participated in the Tempus Irae Map Making Contest!

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