Tempus Irae

This page exists to display some of the artwork that has been created for Tempus Irae throughout the years, but which doesn't really have a better place to go.

A few years ago, a page was created as part of a much larger Marathon Art Gallery; the gallery never materialized, but the Tempus Irae page contains chapter screens, as well as some 'How these pictures came to be' sequences; go visit if you'd like to see some of the process behind the art creation.

James Hastings-Trew rendered the Tempus Irae levels in Cinema 4D; follow the links below for a slideshow. Mousing over the image should give you 'Next' and 'Previous' links on the left and right edges, or you can use your 'N' and 'P' keys on your keyboard. ('C' will close the image.)

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Tempus Irae is copyright 1997-2005, Nardo