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Welcome to the Tempus Irae Film Archive. This archive is the home for all network and solo Vidmaster films from Tempus Irae. All films use the Tempus Irae 1.1 standard map and netmaps and the films available for download can be found at the bottom of this page.

The Marathon Tempus Irae Vidmasters' Challenge. New challenges. New Styles. New Tricks. New surprises. New Vidmasters. It's time to break the new ground...

The Tempus Irae levels are beautiful, full of carnage, and just fun to Vid. And of course, extensive testing has been done to ensure that all levels can be completed on Total Carnage. The Nardo group challenges anyone who thinks they're Big Time to try to Vid a Nardo level today...

Who will be the first to Vid a Tempus Irae level?

Will anyone be able to complete the Tempus Irae Vidmasters' challenge and Vid them all?

Who will be able to Vid them the most stylishly?

Who can do them fists only?

No recharging?

No Hits?

Show some interesting ways of doing things in a level? A tip! A trick?

...and show all those little secrets....

Who can complete the levels the fastest?

We want your Marathon Tempus Irae Vidmaster films! Send them to be reviewed and posted.

Also if you're not familiar with The Marathon Vidmasters' Challenge for the original Marathon Trilogy you should visit the excellent Marathon Vidmasters' Homepage now - Maintained by Hamish Sinclair and Jim Mitchell. Learn the rules, the options, watch the films - this film archive embraces the same concepts behind Vidmaster films - only here the films are for Tempus Irae instead of the original Marathon Trilogy.

So Just Vid It - With Style!

Tempus Irae also includes enough network maps to let you and your friends, enemies, and coworkers slaughter each other for hours. Send your network mayhem here for all to view!

The Films

Courtney Evans (Lustygoat) had the opportunity to have his clock cleaned by the gentle folks at Double Aught Software. Check out this intense Tempus Irae netmap action! You can get the films here.

Thanks to Nick Head for sending in a nice Vidmaster film of the Tempus Irae level A Well Filled Day. Watch as Nick dives into the melee and completes the level with no recharging, all secrets shown. :-) You can get Nick's Film here.

Nick also completes the Tempus Irae level ...evil so singularly personified... twice in this set of Vidmaster films. View them for yourself.

Nick does the level Ameseno, Italy...gotta watch out for those flying enforcers... :-) You can get this film here.

In response to Justin Kitt's film of Game of Death, Nick Head shows a different way to approch this level in his film of this level. Who's King of the Game? You be the judge. Download Nick's film here.

Nick also completes the level Sordidae, Turpes Et Faetidae Vidstyle! An all secrets shown, carnage filled film on the Streets - go get it here.

Nick Head sends in three more carnage-filled Vidmaster films. Check out Hang to Dry, I haven't Killed anyone..., and KMG-365 in this package here. Be sure to drop Nick a line about his excellent Tempus Irae films - says in this Readme "19 to go"... :-) Who can stop this madman? ...

Justin Kitt sends in four Tempus Irae one on one carnage net films. You can check them out here.

Justin Kitt completes the secret level Game of Death with fists only and all secrets are shown. Download it.

Borzz - the boss man of Nardo - completes his own level Never Satisfied. Nice to see him work through those little puzzles himself - Total Carnage all the way. For those of you that found this level, you know how frustrating it was...now watch the man who made this "most hated level in all of Tempus Irae" suffer his own deeds. Get this film here.

Borzz strikes again! This time he sends in some excellent four player Net films with his orignal carnage crew. You can download them here.

Many thanks to Cindy aka baba_yaga, aka Mad Squirrel...and a few other unmentionable nicks which we cannot print here...for sending us some great Netlink carnage films on Tempus Irae net maps...she also challenges anyone to play her via Netlink in "Ye Olde Readme" :-) ...is anyone up for it? Check these films out first to see what you're up against! You can get the films here.

Borzz and Courtney finally meet in battle. After working together on Tempus Irae over the past year, what better way to get to know each other? You'll want to have a look at these films. Download them all in one package here.

Nick Head Vids another one. Downward Spiral - it has been called one of the most beautiful levels in all of marathon - now watch Nick do it TC Style. You can get this film here.

Thanks to Gabe Rosenkoetter for sending in a bunch of cool carnage-filled Tempus Irae Net films. You can download them all in one package here.

Thanks to the "Mad Cow" for sending us a film of his adventure into Tempus Irae Networked Carange. :-) Check it out here.

John Sumner has completed vidding all the Tempus Irae levels, and you can grab his films here[453k].

John also has redone some of the films in the archive above, showing off more of his vidmastery. You can get his new set of films here [300k]Recently he has also redone his vid of "You've Got To Sin To Be Saved" to account for a secret he forgot before. You can get that latest film here

John has now also completed a vid of the Mare Ceti level set, which you can grab here [20k].

John also completed the vid challenge for Tempus Irae 2: The Lost Levels, and you can grab his films here.

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Marathon and all related products Copyright 1995, 1996, 1997, Bungie Corporation
Tempus Irae is copyright 1997-2005, Nardo